• Afghanistan GeoSpatial Data Classification Policy

This policy document describes how Afghan Government should classifies geospatial and related information assets to ensure they are appropriately used and protected; support Public Sector business and the effective exploitation of information, and meet the requirements of relevant legislation and international / bilateral agreements and obligations. It applies to all geospatial information that government collects, stores, processes, generates or shares to deliver services and conduct business, including information received from or exchanged with external partners.complete file

  • Afghanistan GeoSpatial Data Standardization Policy

The challenges regarding the lack of availability, the quality, organisation, accessibility, and sharing of geospatial information are common to a large number of policies and activities and are experienced across the various levels of government and non-government organisations. In order to solve these problems it is necessary to take measures of coordination between the users and providers of geospatial information.complete file


  • Micro Data access Policy

 Central Statistic Organization (CSO )as the only responsible entity to collect ,compile ,analyze and provide Statistical data at the Country Level in accordance with the Statistical Law of Afghanistan . this organization has the duty of providing and expanding necessary and  further facilities for data Users to access the Statistical data .complete file 

  • Data Quality assurance policy 

This document was prepared to guide CSO in carrying out a data collection process

(surveys/censuses/administrative based data collection) putting emphasis on quality output which starts from the preparatory phase up to data dissemination and documentation. Disregarding its importance could putall resources to waste and the collected data useless. All those involved should be guided by the quality assurance measures discussed in this document.Complete file

  • Central Statistics Organization Publication Policy

Central Statistic Organization (CSO)  in addition of authority to collect , compile and provide Statistic data in order to utilize it in policy making and as well as in social and economic program preparation of the Country ,according to Statistical Law this Organization is also obliged to provide more facilities to access data and Statistical information .complete file